An interview with Maria Morlino


Maria Morlino is a classically trained vocalist. She comes from a bilingual, loving family in Oakland, CA. and is the eldest of daughter of three
As a youth, she joined a band called,
“La Estudiantina de Oakland”, (The Young Students from Oakland). Where she sang in the group and played the guitar. Because of her musical inclination, she also started taking piano lessons at that time.
While in school she had the privilege of being singled out, chosen to go perform and play for the elderly and the infirmed. This was a new innovation at the time
Maria’s mother recognized what a talent for singing she possessed at a very young age. (Maria’s mother had been vocally trained in Mexico), therefore, took on the role as Maria’s Agent. Successfully booking her engagements so that she would often sing at local English & Mexican Community events
Maria was well known, and dubbed as the ‘Golden Voice” due to her talent
Her mother would often sing, as a duo. It became a custom in her family to perform at get-togethers whenever the opportunity arose. Maria played either the guitar or organ.
Maria became an active part of the, ‘Better World Entertainment’ chorus until it disbanded
Maria writes some of her own music, and helps with the musical arrangements of her work, such as:
○Released by City Hall Records, her CD entitled, “Secret Love,” in which Juan Escovedo played drums and Percussion
○ Duet, “I could Fall in Love”, with Derrick Hughes – (background singer for Roberta Flack)
○ Two, (2) original singles released on CD:
■”Tell Me Why”, & ■ “You’re Back”
Maria Is presently working on making another CD to be released
Has performed at: Yoshi’s in San Francisco, CA (w/Ricardo Scales, CA, Juan Escovedo, and others)
Has performed for: the new Mayor, Ed Lee (with Ricardo Scales) at the Sheraton in San Francisco, CA
Has also performed at the the: *Top of the Mark (w/Ricardo Scales)
Picked to be featured in Poze Magazine. Won best pop song award, Poze Productions
Maria, actively performs for local church gatherings, weddings, and other venues around the bay area
Is on Facebook, YouTube, reverberation, iTunes, instagram, twitter, on rotation on Internet radio stations.

What kind of music did you grow up listening too?

I grew up listening to Mexican Music.

What made you enter the music industry?

I’ve always loved to play and sing for as long as I could remember. However, when I started taking vocal lessons, I realized that I wanted to be a performer and not someone who hides behind an instrument.

Tell us more about your style of music?

Though I grew up listening to Mexican music, when I started taking lessons I could not find someone in the Mexican community hence I decided to go back to the teacher I had when I was in a chorus a few years back. With her I learned more about Opera and about Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and other Jazz Pioneers.
Do you have any singles or albums out?


Yes I do. Here is a link:
Where can people find your work on the internet?

On YouTube:

I am working on a website presently.

Did you teach yourself or were you taught academically?

I have had various vocal coaches

Are you performing anywhere over the summer?

I will be performing at a red carpet event for Poze Productions June 12, 2014 in Chicago.

I am also excited about performing in a Stephen Foster musical in Old Sacramento. The show will run all weekends in July and August 2014.

Where can you see yourself in a year’s time?

I see myself performing at more venues, perhaps getting involved more in the Latin scene and with Opera.

If you had the chance to work, with another artist, or band whom would it be and why?

It would be Michael Buble as he seems to be doing a lot of the old songs that I have grown to love, and I love to see him perform. Also, I’ve always wanted to work with Andrea Bochelli. He is another of my favourite artists! I hope one day I can do a duet with him. I love the songs he sings.


What advice would you give upcoming vocalists?
Same advice given to me, keep pursuing your dreams.


Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United