An Interview with Galilee

I am GALILEE. I sometimes go by DiGDuGDisaster as well. I write songs and produce music. I’m also a musician. I create everything from indie to hip-hop to electronic, as well as gospel and more…

What music did you grow up listening too?
I started out listening to rock radio, I was always into rock-n-roll until I got older…

that’s when I started branching out into other types of music, including classical, jazz, hiphop, blues, punk etc… but my first love was always rock-n-roll. Eventually I gravitated toward electronic music, because prior to that I played in bands that felt constricting and electronic music gave me the freedom to experiment on my own, without consent or compromise. It was nice to have complete control of the project from start to finish without tainting my vision.


What made you choose the music industry?
I’d always had a passion for the creative side of music being a guitarist. I just kept taking things a step further until I was not just writing songs, but producing as well. I never thought of myself as doing anything else. I suppose I never really considered myself ‘in the industry’ as I’ve generally been somewhat of an outsider type. I have networked within the industry to help spread my music around, but I’m not officially associated with Warner Brothers or anything like that.

Galilee Zelda Single

Have you always had a passion for song writing?
Once I learned how to play the guitar and was decent, I started to get bored playing other people’s music. Don’t get me wrong, I think learning from others is the only way to truly get started… but once you reach a certain stage, it’s good to capture everything you’ve learned and turn it into something new and with your own spin on songwriting. To be able to be creative and find your own niche is truly a gift.

Galilee FLF single

Where does your inspiration come from?
I believe that creativity comes from God. I’m inspired by music I surrounded myself with from my teenage years to now. I hope that I’ll always be able to find inspiring music to keep me on my toes and inspire others with what I do.

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Do you draw from real life experiences for your lyrics?
My lyrics are always true to myself. I’ve gone through a lot of personal torment which I have since come to terms with, but for several years I was nothing more than a junkie and criminal. One day I plan to write a book about my experiences living the lowlife, but for now I try to look at life more optimistically and with hope so that’s all on the backburner. For now.

Have you wrote any songs for other artists/bands or just yourself?
It’s funny you ask that, because I just finished co-writing a track with an upcoming artist. She’s got a beautiful voice and we plan to work on more tracks together. It’s sort of a EDM/Pop/NewWave sound she has and it works well for her. I’ve also been co-writing for a top independent artist named Steve Ryan, and we’re working on some pop songs in the vein of older Prince, Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke. It’s very funk oriented and really fun music. I also play guitar on it, as well as producing and co-writing so it’s been a blast.

What solo artists/bands inspire your work?
There have been several artists that have inspired me, but I think NIN, Radiohead and U2 have always had a special place in my heart for creating their own unique paths and sounds. No matter what those guys do, you always know it’s them. I don’t aspire to be them, but they do inspire me to always try harder and work to better my craft. Off the beaten path I have been a longtime Pigface fan because they never stuck with a particular sound and have always been experimental. Other influences include Interpol, Editors, deadmau5, OnPlanetZu, Liars, Dr. Dre, and the list goes on and on and on…


Tell us more about your music?
Last year I officially came out as GALILEE with an e.p. titled “Robot Arms”. It came out on VOD Recordings and is an electronic melange from dubstep to industrial to more experimental songs. The one thing I do pride myself in though, is that no matter what type of music I create, I make sure that there are hooks and that the songs are memorable. At least to me anyway. The e.p. received some pretty amazing reviews so I was pleasantly surprised. When you put yourself out there, you expect the critics just to tell you that your music sucks, so when they don’t… it’s like hmmm… wow, that’s cool. Lol Here’s a link to the video “Wishing” which features professional hulahoop dancer Shpongled Hoops from Portland.

I can be found all over the web, at least as GALILEE. I do have a DiGDuGDisaster single that was released through acclaimed Swedish label Substream Music Group titled “As Forever Waits” that’s part of their “Substream Likes Vol 4.” Compilation Series.
A few of my indie songs have landed publishing deals for me so I’m waiting to see what happens with that.

My hiphop single “FLF [Feels Like Friday] Turn Me Up feat OnPlanetZu and SUPA is a collaboration between us, actually you can get the extended version featuring A. Tone da Priest on OnPlanetZu’s debut album which just came out too!

The single is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and a host of other online stores. ITUNES LINK
I have a few more hip-hop tracks that have yet to be released, I’m looking for the right opportunities to get them out. You don’t want to just throw stuff out there and see what happens these days. There are so many songs and bands out there, you get lost in the mix if you don’t promote yourself properly. I’m still learning that side of the business. I do graphics and advertising, but I am new to actual marketing.

I was honored to work with actress/entertainer Darcy Donavan on her remix for her hit single “SupaBad” and it so far has climbed to #9 on iTunes Radio in the dance charts. The single is blowing up everywhere and is being played in clubs around the world, as well as music festivals too! So it’s a great way to get exposure for me as a producer and I’m thrilled about it. It’s actually gotten me a few jobs out of it, and will be featured on an upcoming tv series. ITUNES LINK

Other projects I’ve worked on as a producer is a single “Anything For You” by hip-hop legend C.L. Smooth. C.L. was part of Pete Rock’s crew in the 90’s and they had some hits. The new single was picked up recently by Sony so it was cool to be part of that and help get my name out there a little more. I’ve also had some songs recently placed in a couple of b-movies [which I’m a huge fan of] so I can’t wait to see them. One of them is called “Coed and the Zombie Stoner”. LOL. I don’t know what else to say about that one but it should be pretty funny.

What style of music does your musical sound fall under?
Since I’m not doing one particular thing, which might be confusing to some, I just identify as being a music producer or songwriter. So it’s pretty much anything goes with me. But hip-hop, electronic and indie are the most current types of music I’ve been writing and creating.
Where can people find you on the web?
The simplest way is to go to and click a song link. My site is very simple and mobile friendly so check it out if you want.

Have you collaborated with any other artists/bands?
Yes! I’m collaborating with Steve Ryan on a pop project due later this year. I’ve also collaborated with actress/singer/entertainer Darcy Donavan for a remix of her hit song SupaBad, which so far has reached #9 on iTunes Radio charts so we definitely plan to do more remixes. I’ve also done some session work with NYC indie artist The Workers and that was a lot of fun for me. I’m working with an upcoming pop artist that goes by Mosely1 who has a great voice. I’ve also done some mixing for hip-hop legend C.L. Smooth for his single “Anything For You” which was picked up by Sony earlier this year. I’m also working on a classic gospel song with this older woman I met through church who has probably the most fantastic voice I’ve ever heard, it’s just so full of soul and she has perfect pitch and does amazing harmonies. My hip-hop   singles are all collaborations, I’ve worked with OnPlanetZu, SUPA, TeeMunny, Carruthers, 2 Tallin’, A. Tone da Priest… to name a few.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
Anyone that could teach me a few tricks and help me grow as a musician and/or artist. I’m sure there are many!

What makes your music different and stand out?
Music, like art, is so subjective. Some people love my music, others hate it. I think what makes my stuff stand out is I really try hard to keep my songs as original sounding as possible while still retaining some sense of structure. Plus, any music with me ‘singing’ cough cough will definitely stand out as I am NOT a great singer by any stretch of the imagination. Lol [refer to “As Forever Waits” by DiGDuGDisaster]

Are you gigging over the summer?
Right now I’m just working. I haven’t given thought to that just yet.

What advice would you give fellow musicians?
Try to find your niche, don’t follow the crowd or you’ll get lost in the herd. I like to do a little bit of everything, so I never get bored with what I do. If you don’t seriously love music, get out of the game, it’s a tough business and you’re not likely to get rich anytime soon.



Author: Helen Ingram

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