An Interview with Daniele Bongiovanni

Brochure International Exhibition Daniele Bongiovanni 014, 015Daniele Bongiovanni is an academic painter who works on international territory. He was born in 1986 in Palermo (Italy). Early in life he always studied art, first in the laboratory and then to university. (Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo) Today is also involved in theory, working for educational projects / teaching in schools and laboratories. He has exhibited his works in many countries around the world. Where has attracted the interest of critics and audiences. In Paris he received an important recognition with regard to his technique. It is currently working on new international projects in Australia and other countries. His works are in collections public / private and catalogs of contemporary art in Italy in Europe and the United States.

Bongiovanni, 02 il creatore olio su tavola 100x100 2012
Bongiovanni, 02 il creatore olio su tavola 100×100 2012

I see that before studying you wrote your first book ‘L’incerto’ please tell us more about this book?
I wrote my first book at a very young age, as well as take care of visual art and art history, I also deal with poetry. I’ve always done.
I write always. Today, in a more theoretical. ‘L’incerto’ seeks to transform words into my paintings of the early period. Poems are related to the images. Each poem is like a portrait.

Attraverso (Oskar Kokoschka)
Attraverso (Oskar Kokoschka)

How do you think poetry and visual art are related or can work together?
Painting is poetry, as is the music and so on. In part, they walk on the same track, just deal with either one or the other with the sensitivity and technique.
Visual art has within a poem, and the poem generates images.
What is your artwork about? Are there any set themes?
One of my recent collection on display in Las Vegas, titled ‘’No Space’’
the theme is ‘’infinity”
Are there any techniques you use frequently in your work?
I work primarily with academic skills, but I experience a lot.
I mix the oil and tempera with many other experimental techniques.

Daniele Bongiovanni Pelle sporca olio su tela e tecniche materiche 70x100
Daniele Bongiovanni Pelle sporca olio su tela e tecniche materiche 70×100

How have others described your work?
Critics consider me Expressionist contemporary. Recently, a curator/American critic said to me: ”Your work is stellar” I was very happy with this definition.
What is your favorite art medium?
Painting. Since my work is the means by which I am most familiar.
Through him I can communicate better.
Do you prefer black&white or color in your work?
Both are works and looks that do not need color,
have the color inside. Inside their poetic form.


What do you want the audience to feel?
I love it when the audience understands my message, starting with the title of the work. Just that emotions, and he understands the aesthetic-intellectual.
Does your work have consistency or does it change over time?
For a long time it has taken a real is its consistency.
My paintings have a good relationship with time, love/hate.

Materia prima
Materia prima

How did you come to find yourself in the art world? What made you say ‘I want to be an artist’?
It ‘was all very natural, as a child I wanted more color pencils and toys.
I’ve always had the need to tell the whole story with pictures.
Then I realized that art needs a lot of study.
So I began studying art history and academic painting.
I understand that art is my life every day.
Was there anything else you wanted to be other than an artist?
I think not, I like to write, partly because I also deal with ”Education”
but my job is this in all its forms.
What advice would you give other artists?
To be more sensitive. It ‘s the feeling that generates the artistic material.



Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United