An Interview with Erin Veness

Erin is 25 years old, living in Hastings with her partner and two cats. She graduated in 2011 and have been working on her practice ever since, she is involved in the local community, and is a big advocate for the local arts.
Artist and Workshop Facilitator
What made you become an artist?
partly i didn’t know what else to do with myself, and partly because i was so inspired by happenings around me that i felt like i had to do something with all that inspiration
What is the ethos around you wearing sunglasses 24/7?
i can’t see without them, I’m forever losing my prescription glasses so i have to make do with my prescription sunglasses, that and i prefer the way i look in sunglasses. it’s all about the aesthetics.
Tell us about university, was it worth while? Did you learn much during your time there?
I loved university for the sense of community and support, my learning was predominantly pastoral rather than academic, it changed me as an artist for the better. i made some amazing friends which i am still in contact with today and we support each others artistic practices which is awesome.
a Erin Veness
What are your installation works about?
repetition, feelings and experiences, there are also links to medium and text, it’s all this big thing about space and room to reminisce, nature and the history of objects comes into play too
What drew you into working with these mediums?
the limitations of them, and the qualities they hold, and how we relate to objects, i love using paper as it is mouldable, strong and really can be experimented with
What artists and art movements influence your work?
I’m inspired by aesthetics, I enjoy works that look beautiful as well as carrying meaning. I’m a big fan of Sophie Calle and Miranda July, which visually look nothing like my work, but it’s the ethos behind it and the experience of living that influences me.
Who would you place your work against at an exhibition?
Sharon Haywood, I’ve exhibited with her previously and exhibited in similar places.
In no more than five words, sum up your artwork?
Repetitive, Obsessive, Evolving, History, Personal
Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?
Radiant as part of Effervescent Projects in Plymouth, opens in August
Where can people find you on the internet? all other links are from there.
Can you see your artwork changing?
Possibly, but that only really relates to scale, the subject matter will remain similar
What are you currently working on?
Bits and bobs, I have an art zine that is for sale through Etsy ( and I’m playing about with materials to see whats growing, I’m just playing with my practice at the moment and really enjoying it.
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Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United