An interview with Artist Jensen Moreno


What made you become an artist?
From the start, I have always been fascinated with everything around me, the places, the people, the emotions, the intellect and the whole universe itself. As I grew older, I was realizing that my fascination and curiosity were leading me to create ART! I create artworks from being inspired with these things that we encounter every day. As we know, Art is so broad that we are having difficulties categorizing what is art and what is not. For me, it’s self-expression of my utmost passion that gives life and soul to everything I create. I have painted portraits of interesting people to capture their emotions and personalities and transfer them onto the canvas. The transcendence of emotional energies had regenerated an equal understanding of what made me become an artist.
What artists or movements inspire your work?
When I was in college at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines, I was very inspired by my Art Professors. This 400 plus year old university taught me not only the techniques and the knowledge in Art but also to persevere and to follow my dreams. While studying the great masters’ works like Rembrandt, I was also learning to be patient in everything I do. Renaissance period and artists influenced my works greatly during college years and until now I must say.
What is your artwork about?
My works define my personality as well. I love doing great things and accomplishing bigger goals to challenge myself. Life is brilliant…every aspect of it is a trip to something new and exciting no matter what it is. My works tell stories that delve deeper to the amazing connections of all the things around us with focus on expression of feelings and thoughts of the people I meet and I find interesting.
Are there any themes that run through your work?
On my latest collection, I focus on two things ~ Beauty and Women Empowerment. Beauty that comes from within resonate power. There’s a saying that you can never put a good man down and I believe in that. Good people do good deeds. One of the objectives of this theme is to inspire everyone to believe in their selves and be the best that they can become while doing good things to others.
Do you see your work changing?
Yes, although I have been working on portraiture for a long time I still consider abstraction as the platform that elevated my capacities and led me to engaging to other forms of art like film making and fashion design. I also became passionate about organizing art shows and I am grateful that I am living the dream as an Art Teacher. Performance art is one of my interests as well at the moment.
“Jensen, start with a drawing and believe”. ~ Dr. Joel Mendez, art mentor/gallery owner/celebrity doctor
What is the art scene like in your country?
In the Philippines, Art has always been part of our culture. Our traditional clothes express the richness of our artistic influences as well as the paintings, sculptures, houses and decors. Recently, more and more local artists had made their way to the international art scene profoundly because of its competitiveness.
Where can people find your work on the internet?
Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?
Yes, the Jensen Moreno 2nd Solo International painting exhibition is entitled, “Thirty-One”. Please see write up here
What do you want your want audience to experience?
I would like my viewers to always relate on the emotions and experiences that our everyday life brings. I would also like to inspire people to continue achieving their goals and to realize their dreams. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can start with a very simple step and the next thing you know is that you are doing something great and that you are becoming far greater than what you think you are.
What advice would you give other artists?
Keep in mind that you cannot limit yourself on doing just one thing. Progress is my permanent theme and my objective is to turn the challenges of life into motivation. I get inspiration from the good people I meet. I find peace in nature and releasing the negative energies from around me. Taking risks is part of my endeavors but I practice being rational in every situation. To become a great artist needs patience and perseverance. Every single effort is worth it. Learning from the greatest art masters is a must and never consider yourself great until a million people tells you so.
“When I paint I use 110% of my brain which directs my hand to perform a thing called, masterpiece”. ~Jensen Moreno


Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United