An interview with the painter HARRYS

‘Grazia NUZZI’ 80x80cm

Your work seems to have a unique style. How would you have reached this?

I was able to reach my current style by working as regularly as possible. I try to question my knowledge, my experience, to urge me to test new approaches, to borrow certain ways rather than others; because I need to experiment for a long time before sliding towards something else. There are generally several transitions between a work and another one.

‘Lovers’ 80×80 cm

Which artists do you draw inspiration from and why?

I like very much the painters who I name ‘of body’ such as Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, Francis Bacon , Caravaggio , Gustave Courbet but I also love Andy Warhol , Roy LichtensteinPablo Picasso.,Vincent Van Gogh and many others as well. They inspire me all enormously and motivate me to be different and to find my own pictorial identity, my artistic honesty.

What themes do you hope the viewer sees when looking at your work?

If we speak about themes I could summarize it to ‘Humanity.’

‘Killers from the inside’ 100x60cm

Is there any emotional message hidden within your work?

I shall not speak about emotional message strictly speaking, but there is an emotion during the realization that I wish to make feel. This emotion could be pleasant and good or, on the contrary it could place the spectators in front of an unpleasant feeling, even of rejection. I have already seen a person crying in front of one of my paintings and I didn’t know how to react in front of it.

‘Hours’ 80x80cm

Do you have a set method of working, do you follow a routine, use a certain technique?

There is a routine or rather a rite in the way of approaching a painting, the preparations are as important for me as the painting in itself. It is about a set, about a preparation, about concentration, a mental approach of this future moment of plenitude or fight.

‘Double Cheese’ 122x122cm

What is the best advice you would give another artist?

Never to give some!

If you had a dream exhibition who would you place your work against and why?

Nobody, they are dead  and I am afraid of ghosts.

‘Dejeuner-sur l’herbe’ 150x120cm

Are you self taught or academically trained?

I am a pure self taught artist who has drawn all his childhood and adolescence. I stopped the drawing when I discovered the oil paint. I developed in time my own way of working with this medium. I have never had a set way as I’ve always hatred being told how to make art. I need to experiment, to discover and to learn by myself.

Are you working on anything at present?

Yes I always work because I believe in the energy of the work and in the energy which it generates.

‘All the young christs’ 120x100cm

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?

I have some projects planned throughout the year.

Where can people find you on the internet?

On my website:

‘appel-du-large’ 120x100cm
‘I’ 100x100cm

Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United