‘We Are The Architects’ new single by Michael McFarland


If people remember I interviewed Michael McFarland in May 2014 on MarSocial.  Since then he has carried on performing and writing songs. His now back with a brand new song entitled ‘We are the architects.’

His music sound can only be described as rhythmic alternative pop drawing on themes that everybody can relate to. Michael is a acoustic guitar player and describes himself simply as ‘Writer, Rocker, Biker, Geek.’ Below is a sample of McFarland’s work prior to the release on his new track.

McFarland’s music has to me always been easy listening, the type I can sit down for five minutes and just enjoy his well composed rhythms, that keep me listening. Michael always keeps me guessing what the next track will sound like. His work uses percussive and melodic sounds.

This indeed says something as over time I have became very fussy of who I like musically. His latest song ‘We Are The Architects’ tells the story of the lengths you go to reach your dream and questions mortality. This song is not as soppy as some of his past songs that had the themes of relationships, but it still contains that stripped back rawness that we love about his work.

His past EPs include ‘A Sarcastic  Tango’, ‘A Failed Break Up’, ‘Waking Up Is A Letdown’ and ‘Made A Mess’. His new track ‘We Are The Architects’ is available on CD, vinyl and Lego. Yes Lego, bare in mind this is not licensed by  the branded official Lego company. The Lego version includes Lego and audio code to download the track. His website is the best place to purchase his tracks. For tour dates visit Michael website.

Where to find Michael  online:




Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United