An Interview with Jose Cuevas



Your work seems to capture the everyday. Would you agree with this?
Yes. For me is very important capture the everyday. I really enjoy picking my camera, and going to the streets, lost in the city, talk with the people,….I can´t describe it with words,…but I feel something in my heart when I capture “decisive moments” like Cartier-Bresson said,….I really enjoy it.

What style would you say is portrayed in your work?
My work is based basically in documentary photography, portraits and abstractions.


Who inspires you?
Before photography I´ve studied Architecture and music. I think my references are really different. At the end I´m influenced for all the arts I think. I really love the works of Martin Parr, Daido Moriyama, Gilliam Wearing, Utta Barth, William Klein,… the list could be very big, I think it will never ends.

What do you hope the viewer sees when looking at your work?
I never propose to me this question. I´ll try to do my best always, put all my head and heart making photos,….Of course there are people that loves my work, other will hate it,…but this is life.

Is there any particular technique you use in your work?
Digital photography and for some projects I use black and white film too.

Do you still see yourself as a musician and architect?
I only see me like a photographer. But maybe there are something of the musician and the architect in my projects. In architecture I learnt to work really hard…In music I learnt the meaning of discipline.

Man calling by phone

Do you still practice these mediums alongside your photography?
I´m a bit obsessive sometimes with the geometry and composition.

What made you decide to change mediums?
The life changes and everybody changes. Without looking for, step by step, I was entering in the photography.
Do you see your work changing soon or will it continue with the same themes?
I don´t know,….I think that work of every artist must change with the past of the years,….your mind change, the world change, everything change.

Have you got any upcoming exhibitions?
Maybe in England, It´s probably that I´ll come soon to expose my work there.

What is your favorite camera and why?
My favourite camera doesn’t exists. It would be a full frame digital camera with a 35mm fixed lenses, little heavy, small, good high ISO, possibility to use pre-focus, and good autofocus with low light. And no expensive too.


Where can people find you on the internet?
In my web page


Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United