An Interview With Chris Dale

Chris Dale was born in Ottawa, Ontario moved to in Toronto with family at three there. Chris Dale went to alternative school till fifteen and dropping out for one year working in construction. He then went back to school outside of Boston Massachusetts. Then to University back to Ontario where I had a child and partner. We all move to Vancouver BC of whom Chris studied architecture at college, but there were no jobs. He lived there till child independent and moved back to Toronto by myself three years ago.


“Suburban Sunset”

What made you become an artist?

I had always enjoyed art as a child and was good at it which was one of the few things I accelerated at and then he later learnt that I was dyslexic at 15. In high school was exposed to photography, painting and drawing as full class but it only lasted a few years, but art was never present to me as a possibility. I still participate in public ate projects and some carving but over time it fell away. Not until later when I had no responsibility for other and was again unemployed from a job that paid the rent but gave me no pleasure. Finally push all other conditioning aside and started to paint again.



You describe your work as a desire to create an art piece that would make you unrecognizable, can you elaborate more on this?

Artwork that is self conscious. Working from external idea based on the me or technique. As if they were using a photo which is filtered or a faux finish techniques. The problem is that the essential part of visual art is to expand from inside the creative act. Not to impose a structure his is called science not art. There is a starting point it is image, colour, motion or shape. You should become lost in the moment of creation. Where all there in is then, I unrestrained from the external world. This art requires no ego or explanation to justify itself it stands alone.



How would you say your work is different from previous art movements?

I wonder if it is really possible to different from previous art movements at this moment. No art movements only sale trends. Nothing clear to react agents that has not already been tacking down. The conflict has become idea without teeth no longer feel the meaning. Being different is a fashion statement a self conscious attempt to have the camera shins on you. It is the regurgitation of the past for a society with Alzheimer. Art movements come from the art first only later is there someone calling different. Going back to previous question that the creative act is the potential for the things to fallow.



How would you describe the visual language displayed in your work?

The realism is there but the form and colour concerns are focused on the emotion intent of the work. The subjects in the work are people placed in emotional context that taking many forms. Some are expressed by the subject well other are inferred by the viewer.

What do you like about natural forms of figures?

Natural forms of figures allows for more intimate connection to the work. There is relationship of understand that allows for more intimate connection to the work by the viewer. This is also true of for me.



What kind of techniques do you use in your artwork?

I use the traditional medium of paint. Latex rather than oil, and a pallet knife over a brush. Painting on board rather than canvas. This is a practical diction as the knife can cut through canvas , board is less expensive and latex can be cleaned with water less of odor problem.





I find that artists help me find my artistic style. Which artists inspire your work?

Many artistic have inform my work. But no style has inspired my work. I steel equal from them all.

Where would your work fit against well known artists like the ones you can see in Tate gallery etc?

Where they place my work is something that will have to wait and see or if at all. I do not know the category my work will falls into.


“Blemish less”

What would be your dream exhibition?

The bigger the better

Describe yourself in ten words or less?

Tottering on the edge

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?

Not at that moment.

What are you working on at present?

I paint all the time. Usually finishing one per week. There is no single theme for a group of work at the moment.


“Accordion Player”

Where can people find you on the internet?


“Sunrise over the curb”


Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United