Sensual Rhapsody Erotic poems and Artwork By David Russell

Here is some poems by the poet David Russell. Uploaded via a document.

Sensual Rhapsody


 Erotic poems and Artwork

By David Russell


The First Adventure

That shadowy entrance, subdued glint,

spark of eyes!

You trod all cultures with your classic grace

Of posture, figure, profile


The breathy touch, so tentative,

The answering squeeze


All beams and tiptoes as we trod

Unspoken message:

“The dream’s come true”


The curtain nearly volunteered

To close itself.


I was poised to give the word;

Fired by our kisses, you took it from my mouth


Each garment spoke surrender as it fell

A flower-show of fabrics

Adoring those limbs which they had covered;

Warm air on new divested skin

Near liquid in its heady density


Our bodies new-revealed, dreamed up

A gallery of art-figures,

Our mounting breath

Kindled their animation in our honour

Those facing entities suffused with mutual nourishment


The rising sun the backcloth of our dual climax

The bathing epilogue

The farewell walk

A froth of blossom round our tender steps

That fleeting perfection was the purest art

Framed in an idyllic memory.


Tropic Encounter

Off a veranda runway
We wafted to euphoria
On wine’s, acacias’ nectar

Through sweet hypnosis,
Novelty, coy smiles – a mystery
Enhanced by blithe uncertainty;

Our smiles affirmed fresh questions,
Then tuned new swaying, swirling,
Now melting all cold purposes –

Two forms, one tide, one breeze.

Soft touch on satin, linen,
Crisp fashions hiding, hinting,
Soft rhythms cleaving;

Dance swinging into pirouette –
Your gown and petticoat as wave crests,
Clouds, suspending gravity –
Fresh beauty cleared;

Dance lifting into dress’s falling,
Swathes beneath blooms’ wholeness lying,
Bodies rising to depths’ call.

The warm lagoon, us all embracing
Drew us through currents, eddies, wakes
To polyps’ bower.

Love’s lull, love’s breeze, love’s gale,
Love’s lightning whirlpool
Made us into our element,
Made us monsoon abandonment;

Love’s flotsam, now surviving
We forebore
To drown in high perfection,
But salvaged driftwood memories;
Salvaged ourselves
As sea-shells, coral flower-shapes
Happy shelved.
Let’s make each other beautiful;
You in a silver ball gown,
Shoulders shine above it
Above superb resilient breasts.

Slow, sensual dance, rustling fabrics,
Hands, breath to lips and tongues
Held through this breeze.

I’ve striven in my work-outs
For this moment;
I’m yours to relish,
you’re mine to savour.

So now undo me, see legs first
– Yours I’ll match
Now find my waist and torso
– Feel at first
And then unbutton,
Peel and see.

In shorts I stand before you now,
You’re throbbing for the next –
You take my waistband, draw

Now I’m just in trunks
– Erotic in your smouldering light.

I’ll do the same for you, I’m delicate
with zips and buttons, buckles

Release your gown,
A glittering parachute
and you step out
– In what I dreamed you’d wear:
A purple strapless one-piece
Clinging to your toned lovely form

A one-piece proclaims
A woman’s fullest power

Concealing, revealing,
Balance just right – to draw on,
and you can wear one
Before all others.

Now you’re my bathing beauty,
I am yours.

The water calls us, shimmering warm;
Let’s slice the waves,
Please do the backstroke, let me see
Your breasts, your thighs
Thrusting through the surface

And now an underwater kiss
Now to the shore

You lie on me, I rub your back
Our costumes dry, peel off
and now deep cleaving
Of thigh and groin.

You are so deep , so strong in love
Made thunderstorms;
You frightened all the others off
Yet drew me out;
Let me embrace my feminine
In our unrobing

Submission? domination?
Now those terms
Lose all pretence of meaning,
In the flooding flames of total love.

You’re a shaft of light
In my crimson evening.

Geraldine Returned
‘Her lovely limbs did she undress
and lay down in her loveliness’
(Coleridge: ‘Christabel’)

Rise up for me from your voluptuous depths,
Rise through the centuries in my dream;
Make ocean ripples

with your thrusting limbs;
Suffuse the elements, flood all time
With breathy spirit youth!

Now seize me with your arms, eyes, lips and tongue
And be my dizzy charge, pour your volcano
Into my every muscle,

force each cerebral cell
To embrace my every gland and tendon.

Oh Geraldine, my inner liquid fires
Have overwhelmed my mind –
Let me unrobe you – then can my body
Embrace your beauty, to be yours!

I grow in beauty as I breathe you
There in your glorious gown
Shimmering with your promises within.

But now the promise must emerge:
Oh Geraldine, it must be by your hands
Before mine burn in chaos!

Undress, my Geraldine, undress, undress!

As you disrobe,

the world breathes fresh again –
New atmospheres and layers, purified, second filter
Of your pure body light – transform me
Into your mirror male of beauty.

I’ll clinch your every part as it’s revealed.

Let’s plunge now,

to find a new primeval start,
a word again.

We are the world, its light, its growth.


Oh: could I be the saviour of culture

Through our love?


First I make my thrust

And then am clasped

By the redwood case of your toned form

Above the apex of my oil-balmed tan

Yours burgeoning out

Mine seeping happily in


And so arouse me to our pushing each other

To our clinched erectness


Through our embrace we stifle the Great Dying

Through deep-breathed lips I am turned fluid –

The serum of total health

Spread in its sheerest droplets

To be the total cure


Our clasping traps and redirects

The energy surge of war and rapine


We are the life force

The Tsunami reversed and purified

Nurturing anew the soil

The forests, the herds


Our cities rise again

From the crumbling

Of the white man’s concrete


A Joy Forever


Let the beacon shine

Through desolation’s chilling void

Under the howling tempest of treachery


That beacon is your soul

Forever nourished

Graced channel for all love and beauty

Flowing through the centuries


I see through dark zones of future dread;

Through cyclic time to your prime radiance


Should we once have had

A strangers’ tryst

To gel the crystals of our memories?


The crystal is there, centring the beacon’s flame

The crystal is, encases

Your beauty’s everlasting light

Breathed, ever aired

Core of my memory


Dreams’ flashes made you Aphrodite

Glistening with the luminous waters


On with your girdle – to charge your loins

With incandescence;

As you rippled, shimmered through it

Your magnetism rose

To overwhelming voltage

So potent fertilizer of my fires

As I undo your girdle, I am charged

Our energies in tandem, then collide –

A short-circuit of perfection

The sparks ignite succeeding energy

Life’s flow into the purified millennia

Distilled eternity

Forever sensual in the spirit




He, muscles taut, off springboard thrust

Resilient in buoyancy,

Slow sweep to surface, breathe.

She, lithe, with back-stroke rippling,

Firm breasts cresting mild waves,
Thighs, ankles, near-straight, undulating,
Her back held spirit level,
Plane ideal Eyes closed and face serene in sensual thrall.

All there was foretaste, nuance,
All chaste – the changing rooms demure.

Warm evening’s loose allure drew both
To unintended rendezvous,
A mutual friend’s, both wished to stay away.

The place had room enough;

their glances met –
Under two spells,

all garments turned diaphanous;
Morning’s disrobing kindled thoughts,
Fed impulses, hands touched.

One soft-shut door the cue;
Now lips met eyelids, cheeks, each other, clinched.

Her hand pressed on his crown, massaged
Through long-held breath; Tongues, lips were coiled, half-melted;
Squeeze of waist, they sank To tender press of thigh, of hips,
Drew back face to face, eyes’ pools immersed:

“You’re fleshed just right; a young girl’s form;
Would you undress?”

“I saw you in your trunks; you’re lovely; stay with me.”

Brief promenade, waists linked again,
Fast heartbeats deepened footsteps with suspense;

A whispered, tiptoed entry.
Pause for bathroom, care assuaged;
Last clothed embrace.

Heady the quivering ritual!
Each other answering,
Matching that morning’s
graceful bathing strokes
Each touch of shedding nurturing the fires,
Each pull of buckle, lace, so lissom
In counterpoint with one soft lamp.

Aglow, with ardent youth restored,
Deep torso, shapely limbs
Emerge as sunrise, sunbathed, fresh;
Full muscles toned by swimming’s lathe,
Crescendo’s throbbing, Two beauties, one revealing,
Beholder and Beheld!

She, supple, haunches swung, Tights loosened,

Down wardrobe obstacles!

He seized waistband elastic, swept
To open freedom, took the hand
That edged towards her bosom, up her arms
To ratify surrender, clip; asunder,
The final black cascade.

Flesh, bone and muscle interlocked
Shoulder to shoulder raised, clutched,
Borne to couch;
Breasts, armpits, cupped caress
Of tender skin over those thrusting orbs.

Now passion’s tide makes each wave overlap;
Slow motion’s generation;
Two sighs, one lunge, a soft rotation;
Slowing, near-stop; resume, deepening breath
Floating four full diminuendos.

A moment of near sleep; Sure premonition of fulfilment;

Now second wind’s tornado
Sweeps through exhaustion’s trough
With power of ether’s depth beyond their bodies;
The sluicegates yield; one mighty flood In fusion melts volcanoes!

Brief satiation’s lull, unveiling heavens;
With dawn’s beams, morning replay,
Enhanced in fulness;
Two strengths, by first flames tempered,

With delicacy pure plumbed ocean’s beds.

On dressing gowns, warm-robed, unrobed again
To plunge into the other end
Of water’s hot communion, splashing laughter.

A placid walk through petalled glades,
More smiles, more kisses;
Then wistful looks, and hints of jealousies,
And thoughts, as if to say
“Let’s not detract from this perfection”.

At length, fond waves and distances.

Oh Muse, you plunged me,
So I swam on;
Taunted and tempted me
In all my seeming weakness,
Forced me to score the ocean’s miles,
Turned me to beauty muscle
Through my lusting
For your strong, full and supple form –

Thrust up my pectorals,

Brought them to the edge
Of your so-perfect breasts.

Teased me afire with golden laurels –
Now both of us are crowned.

Let all I learned to write, to paint,
Be poured into our bodies.
Bathing Girl
(To Dearest Joy,

 in reverie of that rapturous disrobing)

 Feel young again, my bathing girl!
Draw on the joy
The limpid pool of life
That nourishes your name!

Feel young again, my bathing girl,
Firm-fleshed against all ills
In that deep, loving light,
Lucent as a red-flushed sky.

Wear priestess robes,
And make my deepest awe
Till you release them,
Triggered by our bated breath.

Span the enchantresses of history,
Holding their time-frozen heights
And span their cosmic bridges to the present,
For now you shine!

Let that apparel now cascade
And show you poised
For water’s communion
In glorious luminosity.

Holding all breath.
Your radiant beams
From your magnetic casing,
Beauty to adore.

Reveal yourself
In the glory of a life’s new morning:
Let our two bodies
Be each other’s mirrors.

Banish and shrink
The blights of darkness.
Draw on the bubbling rills of health,
Feel young again, my bathing girl!
My Goddesses and Muses

My goddesses and muses, gather now;
Embrace as sisters, stride in pride
Of jewels, luminous diaphanous silks –

Sisters – burn now in total strength;
Let me slough off the patriarchal dregs
That so oppress me too.
Through all repression’s sedentary rocks.

In glory, pride, flaunting the sun.

Disrobe as one – be joyous in your fire
display to me your

shining amazons’ corsets
Now draw together yearnings of centuries
Into one beauty.

Strip me in your lust to make me grow,
To be the sun, the earth, to flip the two as one.
Let now my deep succession be simultaneous in spirit!
Take me, draw me in
For our own luscious satiation
And writhe the world to health.




True need grabs at desperation;
Love turns real through wounded eyes –

You made a melting conflagration,
Ripped this mammoth from its ice.

Deprivation’s quavering jitter
Stumbling over pill-blocked feet;
All was acrid venom bitter
Then a flash: the world is sweet.

I would be your alien rocket
Looping round your orbit chair,
Blasting out our lifetime tunnels
Naked in the bright sun’s stare.

We will go and burst a nova . . .

Love Boat

The depths and heights clinched us
up, down, bow, stern
starboard, port
hint of an eddy

Answering the wind
pulling the waters to the air
throwing up a slope
to its absorbing depths

Rocking, swaying inside
we were the ballast;
then, sated with foam, the winds
found ease, sighed down
as the cloud-clad sun disrobed

And we absorbed the wind,
our ballast clinch
kindled an answering flame
as we two shed our clouds.

Up, down, bow, stern
starboard, port
Answering our passion
Stronger than the waves,
the boat capsized,
turned turtle
with our embrace
and to the eddies bore us
to carry our yearning
from water to land.

The shore was steady,
we made the earthquake.


 Beach Girl

Beach girl, beach pearl –

I’ll dive for you.

I’ll weld into your swimmer’s form.


Take off your wrap, reveal your tan

Close in the spectrum to the orange sand.

White costume iridescent –

Moon in sunlight.


I’ll peel for you –

You find my body good; you make it great.

Flash black tingling on my hips

Our currents charged in sight.


Come take the plunge with me;

Let’s match our thrusting limbs and muscles;

Let’s arch and stretch in our exuberance;

Let’s dive into a clinch.


We’ll sunbathe, see our second element

Rise into vapour.


In premonition of a tidal wave

We’ll peel our costumes down,

Reveal raw beauty, fuse into each other.


Your half-man muscles matching my deep thrust

Turned feminine delicate at your edges,

By your edges.


And time waits, breathless as we come;

In love we are the ocean,

All currents, eddies, tides and whirlpools –

We are the real fire water!




I’ll Hold Our Kiss

I’ll hold our kiss
As you like back on the sofa
and draw me to you,
as your legs rise, wafting your airy skirt.

hold it through liquid breath and cutting tongues

hold it as I caress your stocking tops
hold it as I pull back your zip
hold it as your blouse parts
and I reach the clip within –
As your breasts lunge into my armpits

Hold it as we thrust
Giving our whole bodies

hold it as we hold in
Through all our breathy aftermath

I’ll hold our kiss
As all four lips
Swell into surging synthesis

As fluids mingle
Still on skins
Or batting rubber walls

I’ll hold our kiss.








Let’s Shower Together

Let’s shower together;
Let’s make the water
Answer our surging fluids.

Let’s get aroused
Through all our opening pores;

See and feel that cleansing steam
Heating us
Heated by us.

Come on: untie your sash’s knot,
Cast back your robe.

And you for me.

Let’s take the massage soap
And make it melt;
Let forth, let froth the gel;

Tingle anew as I rub you dry;
Turn on again
With wrapping and unwrapping.

So great to do
Before and after

Sweet liquid out and in –
Could our self-images
Melt into one another

And we rise to the spirit
Of natural rain?




Let’s Melt Into Our Mirrors

I’ll turn my mirror into yours
Dreaming you dream of me,
and as I see my form set free
See you revealed through me.

Our floodlight gaze absorbed
By our translucent buttons,
As we undo each other.
Our hands riveted
By belt clasps, zips,
Before the breeze,
Limb-manifesting fall.

I want to get behind your eyes,
Feel your desires:
Let my shirt melt into your blouse,
Your bra into my singlet,
Our loving eyebeams fuse our briefs
Through deep-held breaths of our desires

Our vision goes light years
Beyond the Internet.

Then let that mirror turn to water
Hiding its reflective power
To us, who fuse and blend,

and through disrobing revelation
Mill edges of androgyny.







The Breakthrough

(To my liberation)


A crossing of two disparate paths,

At last the bliss, unheralded!


The scales tip with a breath, burning tender;

Pulsing with my anima, I touch you

With all the tenderness of Christabel;

The bangles on your waist – your lock and key

Reflect our eyes, refract their beams


The clasp turns soft, yields to my homing

On the secret combination


All over, prismatic jewels embrace all shades

Black velvet veils, then falls

To counterpoint, become

The night,

To kindle astral radiance.


Our eyes absorb the spectrum

Embrace a focus gamut

From arc of firmament to body curves

From linear rigidities to soft ellipses

Exquisite fusing of our contraries


Sweet sensual geometry

Our inner rulers, compasses

Charting our blended figures


Sweet juggling of the elements:

Water to fire and earth to air,

A perfect mutual inversion.




Poems for Madonna

(inspired by the video of ‘Like a Prayer’)

Across the gulfs of culture
And morality’s rift faults
All meet you, and grow whole.

The planks of martyrdom, crumbling,
Shine as beacons, rising to pure carbon
Of your chosen one, in ebony, beyond all fire.

So, as all flames, your shimmering dresses
Nurture for all vision your quintessence;
Held, threaded thin and ever flirting, with falling point beyond all sense.

That is the essence of all challenge,
Of all your seeming danger;
And that stance, held through all showing flimsy
Forges to true substance
All jaded solids,
Tempers all flows through oral breath,
Making the temple rained and flooded;

The earth’s, the sea-bed’s star.  Like A Prayer 2

You tempered love and truth
Propelled by Terror;
Brandished, placard prejudice
Cursing, stifling, torched or no.

The crosses flared behind you,
Savage, lying as the truth
All plundered by the cruel.

But placed behind you was no vain,
No callous backdrop –
By you inverted, hatred’s charcoal
Mutated into light.

One moment you flinched
From the ringleader’s glare,

And then recharged with strength
From that first font
To free the icon, barred.

They gave the prompt to you, the saviour
Against those thugs,
Charged with their poisoned inspiration
Turning foul, upon their own,
Tearing their last shreds
Of moral pretence.

So true you stood by your black icon,
Your disrobed intercession spoke all truth,
The voice of justice
Radiating through seductive overture.

Phoenix at one remove: then flames preceded you;
You drew new life from others’ ashes.  I’ll Justify Your Love

You overwhelmed my every fear

Oh yes: I’ll love you through the sheets of rain
Take you ripping, your luminous body
rippling from your drenched magnetic silk.

I’ll take your dress to the air,
the rapture of a parachute.

I’ll love you from a plane,
love you in free fall,

unlace that gleaming shell –
corset of lightning;
Roll with the turbine
fused in orgasm.

My fear was for the fall
My fear was in the fall.

My fear has gone, immersed.

My dream is in the fall,
My dream beyond the fall;
My hopes aloft,

Plunging with you

No top, not bottom,

No end and no beginning;

I’ll justify your love.

Reveal Yourself(Inspired by a poster showing Madonna in a white Fifties retro bathing costume)

When you reveal yourself
you are the sun
And as you shine,
deepen the night’s alluring bosom,
peel off all grime, fatigue,

Your costume top, your covered breasts
the loftiest mountains,
Your upper breasts and shoulders, deepest skies
Through and beyond the air.

As you tone up, you love,
as you prepare for love
make true generic drama;
And with your liberating power
plumbs all suppression’s layers to free life’s fountain.

So long I held my silence
with bated heart, so long unknowing
poised for your cue –

At last to speak.

Madonna, undress my dreams!
And guide their light
to flood my waking life;

Make me know all –
your every robe an element
in total chemistry.

Let’s make our every thrust a pile
for architectural truth.







Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United

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