Street Fair

Elan Mudrow

282e239f6099b8fb5293d9dcb8a412da1. 1. Repeat offender vendors

Who set up to break down

2. The song remains the same

Only the avenue changes.

3. Livingroom rehearsed musicians

Exposing themselves to the elements

Of being ignored

4. Shaky Kombucha addicts

Wait in line for their fix

Of sour fermentation

5. Corporate bakeries pretend

To be small time organic

Moms and pops

6. Petitioners harass people

Who already agree with them

7. Two Goth girls act like it’s the eighties

Even though they were born in the nineties

8. A misting tent at the hostel.

Finally, those stinky street kids

Can get a shower.

9. Fresh locally roasted coffee

Imported from Central America

Stationed in Airstream trailers

Strategically placed at every other intersection

10. Fresh squeezed lemonade

Direct from concentrate

Add sugar — $1.00 extra

11. Weekend hippies with dusty new top hats

Complimented with a crow feather

Pot-leaf t-shirt and Birkenstocks….

They know…

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Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United