Verse 2: A Simple Rewording of Verse 1?



The creation of lyrics for a song, generally represent the telling of a story or the expression of emotions. Oftentimes, lyricists find it astonishingly difficult to create a second verse to continue the progression of their message after completing the first. Not only is this quite frustrating and demotivating for the once enthusiastic writer, but it may even lead them to develop a lack of interest in the very thing that drove their love and passion for the arts. In this article, the ways in which verse two can be developed in an easy and professional way will be discussed to help lyricists struggling in this area.

The average song is about three to three minutes and a half in length and there is a great onus placed upon the writer to ensure that the words disseminated throughout this period are riveting and expressing something new; not merely repetitive, except…

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Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United