Blind man’s lover. 


The love he felt was real, he could feel it deep in his gut, she was all he wanted, she had everything he ever wanted in a girl, she was fit enough to be the mother of all his children and his soon to be wife.

Slow and steady he thought, time is on my side, i will wait till she will notice me, notice how much i yearn to be with her, even though he had never seen her, he know she was the prettiest of them all. The girl with the silver slipper.

Time and time again he tried to get her attention, what must i do for her to see me, see beyond my disability, my blindness shuts not my eyes of the heart, i can see you engraved in my heart, you name written in the depths of my heart in bold, tell me do i…

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Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United