An Interview with Jane Train from the band NOT BY SIGHT

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Jane was born into a musical family, wrote her first song at the age of ten. She went on to playing keys in her first rock band at the age of twelve, and was influenced at this time by 70’s classic rock. Since her early age Jane’s musical talents have grown and  just keep on growing. She is a solo artist and the lead singer of Not By Sight. New Art United interviews  Jane about her musical career and her band Not By Sight.

Out in Europe October 28 2016.

What made you wake up and say I want to be a singer?

I never woke up and said I wanted to be a singer as I grew up as a keyboard player into my teens, it was more that I woke up and realized I had been born a singer and didn’t know until my mid teens.

Tell us about your journey in the music industry?

My journey in the music business is like all artists. Highs and lows. Beliefs and doubts. Adoration and rejection. You get a hundred ‘No’ to the one ‘Yes’. This journey continues for all creative fields. To get a record label, you have to be self established first. And if you are, I’m not sure why one really needs a label at that point. It’s like; you have to be rich to make money. I realize there are expectations. Most artists and I include myself in this, can’t stop making music and just keep plugging away. When you have a dream and a calling, you see it through until its fruition.

How would you describe your style of music?

My style of music is generally melodic hard rock. I think my style of writing combined with my co-writer /producer’s (Corey Lowery of Saint Asonia) playing and production have created an identifiable sound for Not By Sight.

Official Not By Sight website

Official Not By Sight Facebook

Official Not By Sight Twitter

Not By Sight live lineup:

Jane Train (vocals)
Virus (guitar)
Troy MacLawhorn (guest guitarist)
Rek Mohr (bass)
Ryan Bennett (drums)

Where does the band name ‘Not by Sight’ come from?

The name Not By Sight’ comes from a Bible scripture, 2 Corinthians 5:7 that says,”Walk by faith, not by sight.” It has played a huge role in the past ten years of my trying to ignore what circumstances look like, and keeping my eyes on God for the right outcome. It’s hard to keep Faith through dealing with disappointments, betrayal, divorce, death, financial crisis, etc. But God always prevails in spite of what the situation looks like to the naked eye. He’s orchestrating the outcome behind the scenes.

Which type music influences your style?

I’m influenced by everything I listen to whether it’s pop or metal. I do love Sevendust and a few of Corey’s past bands: Eye Empire and Dark New Day. The new Korn is amazing. I can take elements of all that I love and apply it here and there but my overall belief is that creating music is a Divine process. How else does it make sense that I can create this out of nowhere, but Joe auto mechanic can’t? We all have our gifts. People can chalk it up to DNA, but there’s a source behind the DNA. Those are my beliefs.

Tell us more about the people you have worked for along your journey in the music industry?

I have been blessed to have worked with some great artists of all generations. I’ve done jingle (TV and radio commercial) work with 70’s/80’s rock legend singer Joe Lynn Turner who has fronted Rainbow, Deep Purple, Ignwie Malmsteen’s band and is still touring today. I toured as Liz Phairs backing vocalist alongside Sheryl Crow, Sarah Machachlan, Dixie Chicks, Alanis and more. We even did the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On my solo CD, I got to co-write with Clint Lowery of Sevendust, who produced, tracked guitar, and sang soe backing vocals on my CD. I had guys from Breaking Benjamin, Dale Stewart of Seether, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal of Guns & Roses, a few friends that play in Edgar Winter’s band and Dug Pinnick of King’s X. That was quite exciting. Then I got open for Motley Crüe.

Through working with Clint, I met his brother Corey who ended up as my partner for Not By Sight.


Jane singing with Vince Neil of Motley Crüe awhile before opening for them.

Corey brought in drummer Morgan Rose ( Sevendust) and guitarist Troy McLawhorn (Evanscence/Seether) for some of the first Not By Sight tracks.

Through meeting Corey, I ended up taking him, Troy McLawhorn, Virus (Dope/Device), and Garrett Whitlock (Tremonti) to entertain our troops in Greenland, Honduras, and Guantanamo Bay.

God keeps opening doors. Now I’ve been bugging Ben Burnley (Breaking Benjamin) to work with me on another project, so that may happen next spring.

I’m only just getting started!


How did it feel being the opening act to ‘Puddle Of Mudd’ gigs back in February?

Well, there’s an interesting story with this:

For New Year’s 2016, I was invited to perform for the Troops again in Honduras and Guantanamo Bay. I was supposed to bring Puddle Of Mudd, but because of some legal hold ups, Puddle Of Mudd couldn’t go. So, to make it up to them, I booked them at a club in Pennsylvania in February 2016. I really like that band, so I was excited that Not By Sight could open. We did great, but then, unfortunately, Puddle Of Mudd didn’t make it past two and half songs before the singer had a meltdown and the band ended up not finishing their show. I was disappointed and saddened by the state that the singer, Wes Scantlin, was in. I sat with him for about an hour afterwards, and even though he was messed up on alcohol and whatever else, I saw a nice guy. A very wounded guy with an out of control substance abuse problem, and enablers around him, but a really nice guy. It makes me very, very sad. I pray that guy doesn’t become our next casualty in music. I really like his music.

Do you and your band have any plans over the next year?

Corey has been busy touring with Saint Asonia, so that halted our finishing the Not By Sight album, but we’re set to finish up in the next few months. In the meantime my solo CD ‘Dairy’ is being released in Europe through Lion’s Pride Music on October 28. Still available in the U.S at





Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United