An Interview with Bojan Jevtić

Bojan Jevtić is a Serbian visual artist, born and raised in Belgrade.  He is  known especially for his complex portraits of women in a variety of settings. Although there are elements of reality in his work, there is also the sense that what he is illustrating is not exactly of this world either, or if it is, then it is of this world in a way not usually perceived. He sees in women intrigue and excitement, and it is those things that he tries to put down onto canvas.  Bojan work can be on  Saatchi Art and also in amongst other sites and publications including  Artfido, Artfinder, Shadowness, and Onlyunique.  In Bojan’s work, you are looking at a vision of a vision. Something has been seen here, mirrored, and then its mirror has been seen in sequence. His work is magical and unsettling, but at the same time shows the modern lives of todays world in which we live.

Autumn is here


Tell us about your journey through the arts so far?

My journey through art has a lot of surprises, very positive surprise for now. I hope it will stay that way. I am looking forward to it .


What is it that you like about manipulating a portrait? 

I like the metaphor, sometimes it is  antithesis.  Merging to a new dimension too .

I like to play with it .

From Serbia With Love

What do you think it brings that a traditional portrait doesn’t?

I think this is not important and  there is no difference. The only difference is which tool that the artist used  and not in the emotion which  can be  transmitted.

Are there any artists that inspire you in your creative career?

I like a lot of artists work in different ways .

Is there anything you want the viewer to experience when viewing your artwork?

Any experience is good experience . I love it when viewers have some  experience viewing my pictures.

First Breath

Is there any reason to why you prefer the female form?

They  are more interesting and more complex .

Forest Spirit


Would you say your work is a crossover between realism and surrealism?

Yes, I think so .


What is it you like about digital photography compared to more traditional methods dark rooms etc?

A dark room can be everywhere and nowhere.

Power Of Your Hair

Do you have a particular creative process?

It depends from the inspiration in that moment .

Don’t Disturb

Do you have set concrete ideas or are your works random like a spontaneous act of creation?

It’s spontaneous .

Fire In Me

How do you feel your work relates to modern life other than though its medium of being digital photography?

It’s existing in reality, in one way ..and away at  the same time .


Are you working on anything currently?

Yes, I work all the time . 

Golden Tree

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions or publications?

Sometimes it’s a surprise, even for me .


Where can people find you on the internet?







Author: Helen Ingram

Self Published author, artist, interviewer and owner of New Art United