Bridget Jones Baby review

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I love the Bridget Jones films have every single one. Upon discovering that Bridget Jones Baby was going to be released one naturally jumped for joy for seeing  a modern women tell things how it was and her constant struggle between two men Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver. I have loved the chemistry between all three of these characters and the relationships shared but once finding out that Hugh Grant was not going to be in the film, was a major blow to the films credit ability as being based on the books. In comparison to the book the only thing that seems to of have remained the same Bridget forever family reminders of her to get the baby factory going and longing to be with Mark Darcy. Even though something always seems to fuck it whether it insecurity paranoia or plan and simple bad luck. The other  thing is that runs in both is that there are two dads in the book Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver, in the film some festival guy can’t really remember his name and Mark Darcy.

Comedy element

Film has funny moments of Bridget falling into mud whilst at festival, trying to find out about festival guys sperm levels in an live air interview and getting to the hospital without Mark Darcy collapsing.

Book has numerous endless funny moments when Daniel Cleaver takes Bridget to a fish restaurant before revealing that she is up the duff and then throws up all over Cleavers car. Bridget’s homemade muffins that contain glass which seems to got both men sitting down together. It was the funny moments like these that the film lacked  but again this comes down to not having Hugh Grant to have that chemistry we have seen in the other films. I have not even finished the book and am more impressed at the book than the film.

Romance element

As we Mark Darcy is the smart well mannered respectable man who behaves well but lacks the random spontaneous nature that Bridget likes about Cleaver. Even though Bridget continues to fall into the trap of his manipulating ways to get in her pants which we have seen numerous times and this characters ways continue within the book by flirting with the scanner lady whilst Bridget is having her scan.

In the film Mark Darcy character is the same but it seemed kinda of preset he was going to be the father and end up marrying Bridget. This festival guy comes over is a prick and annoying overbearing man . I don’t know how Bridget put up with his ways for so long in the film. Darcy was seen to be the one lacking the thoughtfulness and being there where stereo- typically one should be there. I loved Darcy’s come back about him being there the whole of her life and this dude being there like five minutes although it would of been nice to have a little fight.

There didn’t seem to be any seduction from this festive guy I mean Bridget wasn’t that drunk. It was like open ya legs and there I go. Was not impressed by this part of the film.

Plot wise

I am rating the book higher than the film purely because of Daniel Cleaver being in it. One can only hope there is sequel where we see Cleaver with a child and the kids go to same school or something. That would be interesting.



What I have been reading …

Magazines via magazines app

The golden age of video games by Robert Pillan

Gives a nice oversight of gaming industry. Nice  enjoyable read.

The art of video games from PAC man to mass effect

Disappointing read very few games represnted . Not even going to write the authors names it was that bad.

Make it pop

Short articles true pop art, bold and bright just like the movement.

Pop  art 

Great for emerging artists,nice choice of included and emerging artists who are interested get a chance to get featured.


Hearts in the sand by Jennifer l alle

Not that much of a gripping story so far. Taking me awhile to get into it. Can’t see myself finishing it.

An Interview with Digital Artist Simone Morana Cyla

Simone Morana Cyla, is an italian digital artist.

Official Website

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He began his carrier as musician, composing the first songs in 1996, creating up to 2005, more than 50 songs entirely self-produced, placed in 4 albums, collecting a third place in the National Selections of “Sanremo Giovani” in 2001, an album released on iTunes in 2008 and a single in the 2011. Since 2012 he collaborates as a designer for the American portal “Society6” and starting at the same time also a new experience in the field of digital art, with the creation of numerous paintings, published in different sites, social networks and blogs. After the acclaim received in 2014, as a digital artist, arrives in January 2015, the first exhibition in the city of Florence at ArtExpertise.

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Zachary Zezima animation short

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An animation short about having a really bad date.

To find out more about Zachery Zezima

‘Pokemon Generations’: Animated Series For YouTube


For longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers alike, one aspect that has long been missing from the pantheon of marketing material was a show that was more closely tied into the video games themselves. Recent news confirms that The Pokemon Company has answered that call with a new animated web series named Pokemon Generations looking to fill in that gap.

Due to a new trailer released by The Pokémon Company (via Screenrant), we’ve got our first look. The upcoming series will be comprised of three-to-five-minute installments that seek to explore each of the franchise’s video games. These new animated adventures will take inspiration from game events, characters, and critters, to flesh out brand new stories from all across the virtual landscape.

Look for Pokemon Generations on YouTube starting September 16th and airing each week, running all the way through the fall to December 23rd!

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An Interview with Lakshmi Mohanbabu

2016-09-05 (15)“Expressions”

Right to Left

Singing “Songs Bird’s Melody”, Dreamy “Chimerical Haze”,Ecstasy “Waves Of Exhilaration”,Teasing Smile “Blossoming Flames”, Agony “Spasmodic Anguish”,Love “Butterfly Kiss”, Joy “Bubbling Laughter”, Meditative “Misty Rapture”, Screeching “Strident Cry”


2016-09-05 (14)

MAD Museum of Art And Design Singapore

Offfical Website


Saatchi Art


Education:          BArch – Manipal Institute of Technology  – 1991

                                Fashion Design – National Institute of Fashion Technology – 1995

 Galleries:            11-12 Gallery – Singapore

                                Forest Rain Gallery– Singapore

                                MAD Museum of Art and Design – Singapore

                                Yang Gallery – Singapore

                                OED Gallery – Kochi India

Exhibitions:        Affordable Art fair

                                Bank Art Fair

                                Art Space @ Suntec – Solo Art exhibition

Lakshmi is a Singaporean who grew up in Kabul Afghanistan during the late 70’ and 80’s. She is a trained architect (B.Arch) and a Fashion designer who graduated from the leading Fashion Design College, The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) New Delhi. She has over the past two decades taught fashion design, illustration, design history in various fashion institutes such as Lassalle School of the Arts and NIFT.  She has illustrated WHO books on disability and done a lot of socially conscious work over the past decades.

Over the years she has studied Art, Architecture, Jewellery and Design all over the world with significant time especially in Europe and the Asia Pacific. This has enabled her to incorporate cross-cultural elements in her designs be it in painting, jewellery or art.

She has a passion for art not restricting herself to painting but in the design of jewellery, Furniture and shoes. She has a plethora of work with over 300 paintings in various mediums such as Pen and Ink, Pencil Colour, Charcoal, Acrylic and Watercolours.

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