An interview with Julyah Rose



Tell us about your journey so  far

My name is Julyah Rose; I am an international model, actress, and singer. I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, a suburb of Manhattan, New York City.  I grew up in a very large extended family in New Jersey, my mom was one of 5 children, and my father was one of 8 children.

I knew since I was a child that being a performing arts star was one of my major life’s goals.  I used to tell my parents as a kid that I wanted to go to Manhattan to be a child actor; I used to walk around Manhattan, admiring the fashion and glamour of it all. No one really took me seriously as a child saying I was going to be a big star one day because a lot of kids say that and the chance of actually making it as a model or actress or singer I think is like 1 in 1 million.

Despite having an unusual and difficult childhood I always preserved and worked towards accomplishing my goal. I told myself that whatever happened in my life I wouldn’t let any obstacles deter me from achieving my dream.

When I was 14 my family moved to a remote rural cattle farm in Arizona on the border of Mexico, there weren’t really any resources there for me to work on my career, so all I wanted was to get out of that small town to bigger opportunities. We lived on a dirt road and dug a 400ft well to access water; I woke up at 5 am and rode my bike a mile down the road to catch the school bus which was then an hour ride to school. I always kept my dreams in mind and never gave up, I worked hard in school and graduated at the top 5% of my class with a 4.2 GPA and won several scholarships to Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, that was my ticket to bigger opportunities.  While in college I was accepted to a prestigious program to study abroad in Florence Italy, while studying abroad, earning my International Business Certificate, I began working with Italian fashion photographers to develop my portfolio, including Fabrizio Romagnoli, a famous Italian fashion photographer who published my photos on the Vogue Italia website.

Upon returning to Arizona, I signed with Courtier Model Management in Phoenix Arizona. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communications in May 2014.

The day after graduation I moved to New York City to pursue my modeling, acting, and singing career full time. The first year living in New York was rough but as I began to become more recognized in the New York City fashion scene things got a bit easier. In the fall of 2015 I signed with one of New York’s most reputable fashion agencies Fenton Model Management. I have walked in New York Fashion Week for the past three years. Even though I’ve come all this way I am still just at the beginning of my modeling career and now I’m looking to expand full scale into singing and acting as well.

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Mixing Tutorial – Control Voltage

A catch up with Derek Allen and news about his new band Lower Automation


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As people remember I interviewed Derek Allen in 2014 when he was in the band Counterfeit I. This interview can be viewed on MARSocial. In this interview we get an insight into Derek’s new band Lower Automation.

Tell us about your new band Lower Automation?

In the spring of 2015, I started writing the songs that found their way into ‘Maps.’ We recorded the EP with Sanford Parker in Chicago last summer. Matt and Brain joined shortly thereafter. In the next few months we started playing and touring, and we put out ‘Maps’ back in April.

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An Interview with Jane Train from the band NOT BY SIGHT

Upcoming European Music release by Jane Train click to find out more, must see read.

England Photo Shoot

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Jane was born into a musical family, wrote her first song at the age of ten. She went on to playing keys in her first rock band at the age of twelve, and was influenced at this time by 70’s classic rock. Since her early age Jane’s musical talents have grown and  just keep on growing. She is a solo artist and the lead singer of Not By Sight. New Art United interviews  Jane about her musical career and her band Not By Sight.

Out in Europe October 28 2016.

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How to Produce a Song

Verse 2: A Simple Rewording of Verse 1?



The creation of lyrics for a song, generally represent the telling of a story or the expression of emotions. Oftentimes, lyricists find it astonishingly difficult to create a second verse to continue the progression of their message after completing the first. Not only is this quite frustrating and demotivating for the once enthusiastic writer, but it may even lead them to develop a lack of interest in the very thing that drove their love and passion for the arts. In this article, the ways in which verse two can be developed in an easy and professional way will be discussed to help lyricists struggling in this area.

The average song is about three to three minutes and a half in length and there is a great onus placed upon the writer to ensure that the words disseminated throughout this period are riveting and expressing something new; not merely repetitive, except…

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Whips & Gravy


Been to see this local band a couple of days back. Whips & Gravy mainly do covers of classic songs varying styles that includes most easy listening rock music and well known classics. There style isn’t heavy metal like Judas Priest. They are a type of band where when you had a long day at work and you want to chill and relax. This band ticks them boxes and I will do doubt be going to see them again in the future. When I first saw them play in the Roebuck in Staffordshire,UK. I straight away liked their style but hey I prefer music with guitars and drums any day. Whips & Gravy are in there early stages of their band career. Whips & Gravy  recently had a band member leave due to a more demanding job. As like any band there are ups and downs but I have no doubt that they are ones to follow and get to know there style like I have. I  would love to do a full on interview with them one day. Whips & Gravy can be found  at their Facebook band page. Also on here you will find snippets of there performances but to get a true feel of their style like any band or singer its best to see them in person. Whips & Gravy are always gigging somewhere around Staffordshire as it’s there home county.

Facebook link:

Whips & Gravy