An Interview Kayla Cloonan

Hanging The Remnants 2012 36x25
Hanging The Remnants 2012 36×25

What made you become an artist?
I didn’t have much of a choice in becoming an artist. Ever since I was a child I had a drive to create. The truth is that I can’t help but make art. I am obsessed with communication through visual and tactile means; it fuels me. Continue reading “An Interview Kayla Cloonan”


An interview with Durand Seay


Given Moment, 36 x x36 - 2011
Given Moment, 36 x x36 – 2011

What made you become an artist?

Being that I grew up in a family of artists and being the youngest, I learned for them all. My father was an exceptional water colorist. Of course as a child I wanted to do what he did while he painted. He would stretch me some paper, show me how to layer my paints, and I would do as he did. So that was roughly when I was 5 years old. Growing up when you live in this kind of environment there was no fear of drawing anything, or painting whatever. Art was my life. It was when my father who felt art was a hobby and also was an architect felt I too should become an architect. My abilities in visualizing, three dimensionally was very much to my advantage. So I excelled in architecture school. But I always painted…always. Continue reading “An interview with Durand Seay”

An Interview with Keith Brighthouse


What made you become an artist?

I’ve always drawn and painted with no real ambition but I never really consciously wanted to be an artist, I just followed my interests and went where they led me. That said, I remember a teacher at junior school showing the class some “modern art’ and talking about colours and shapes. Continue reading “An Interview with Keith Brighthouse”

An Interview with Brenda Bullock BA (LCP) MA (Wales)


My artistic career truly began when I embarked on my masters in fine art at Aberystwyth University. My work dealing with site specific approaches to culture and history was awarded the Royal Photographic Society bursary award. This recognition encouraged me to be more daring in my artistic practice. Continue reading “An Interview with Brenda Bullock BA (LCP) MA (Wales)”

An Interview with Mary Rouncefield


I have a degree in Illustration from the University of the West of England passed with honors at II(i) in 2009. Most recently, I have exhibited work in two exhibitions at the Royal West of England Academy in 2013; with animal screen prints in ‘Riegning Cats and Dogs’ and a three dimensional piece featuring a drawing in ink , in the open exhibition: ‘Drawn’. Continue reading “An Interview with Mary Rouncefield”

An interview with Maria Morlino


Maria Morlino is a classically trained vocalist. She comes from a bilingual, loving family in Oakland, CA. and is the eldest of daughter of three
As a youth, she joined a band called,
“La Estudiantina de Oakland”, (The Young Students from Oakland). Where she sang in the group and played the guitar. Because of her musical inclination, she also started taking piano lessons at that time. Continue reading “An interview with Maria Morlino”