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10 years of Titan

Master Luke Robinson


The word ‘Titan’ actually means so much to me – it’s a word that has meaning, it represents everything that i consider important.

Basically what Titan represents is approaching life with martial values: Working and Improving.

“Anybody who is Working and Improving is a Titan!”

*There is more; family values, positivity, aiming high, always grinding, proactivity, creativity, and more – but this all falls into “Working and improving”*

Titan (as an idea) first came into existence 10 years ago when Titan Taekwondo (a small, family run taekwondo club) was created.

Since that time Titan has grown and developed while staying true to what it means.

Titan Academy, Titan Writin’, TITANWEAR,  as well as many more projects and ventures.

Titan has always worked with, helped develop, created, and nutured strong, successful and individual characters and will continue to do so!

This year marks the 10th year of ‘Titan’ being in…

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Weighing The Now

Nice short story

Ana Linden

6No, she didn’t want any desert. Yes, she was saying no to the best tiramisu in town. Her daughter raised her eyebrows in disbelief – she had never heard her say no to tiramisu. Occasionally binging on sweets was their thing. Was anything wrong? No, everything was fine, she was just trying to cut back on sweets and eat healthily. After all, her daughter was doing the same for several years, she should understand. After all, the fact that she had just made that decision wasn’t relevant to the matter. More for me, and the daughter winked at her mother as the waitress placed the desert accompanied by two spoons between the two of women.

She watched her daughter obliviously savour her tiramisu. She used to be able to indulge in such calorie bombs, but she learnt not that long ago that such luxuries don’t last for a lifetime. Halfway…

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Mixing Tutorial – Control Voltage

A catch up with Derek Allen and news about his new band Lower Automation


Official Facebook For Lower Automation

Official Website for Lower Automation

Official Twitter for Lower Automation

Official Instagram for Lower Automation

As people remember I interviewed Derek Allen in 2014 when he was in the band Counterfeit I. This interview can be viewed on MARSocial. In this interview we get an insight into Derek’s new band Lower Automation.

Tell us about your new band Lower Automation?

In the spring of 2015, I started writing the songs that found their way into ‘Maps.’ We recorded the EP with Sanford Parker in Chicago last summer. Matt and Brain joined shortly thereafter. In the next few months we started playing and touring, and we put out ‘Maps’ back in April.

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Space books

So my son has a fascination with space and as he has seen me on my tablet. I thought it was only right that he gets to share the experience of free eBooks from amazon. So his first book he has chosen is :


My son enjoyed this book very much. He loved the pictures inside and kept him occupied for a long time. A very good visual read and with nice explanations of planets and other stuff. A lovely book I am so glad I downloaded it for my son to read on the tablet. It kept him occupied for over 20 mins which is very good.

What I have been reading …

Magazines via magazines app

The golden age of video games by Robert Pillan

Gives a nice oversight of gaming industry. Nice  enjoyable read.

The art of video games from PAC man to mass effect

Disappointing read very few games represnted . Not even going to write the authors names it was that bad.

Make it pop

Short articles true pop art, bold and bright just like the movement.

Pop  art 

Great for emerging artists,nice choice of included and emerging artists who are interested get a chance to get featured.


Hearts in the sand by Jennifer l alle

Not that much of a gripping story so far. Taking me awhile to get into it. Can’t see myself finishing it.